The why in the "why oh why"

Ok, so I woke up this morning and jumped out of bed anxious to see if anybody had left me a comment on the blog.  Amazing how technology works because there it was, a comment left by my sister….of course!  She is my blog guru.
As I was sipping my coffee I was laughing to myself because I feel so silly for doing this!  I’m not one to sit and talk about myself and really it just feels kind of weird.  But after about half a cup of joe I kind of realized that the blog is a perfect way to store some creative energy.  Lots of times I get that creative kick and it just fizzles because I have nowhere to direct it.  Well not anymore!  So this little blog is just about the things that inspire me I guess. Whether it is my family, my faith, the garden, great shots or just something random I found and want to share. I can go and revisit it anytime.  Kind of like a pool of inspiration. 
I’ve not been one to keep a journal.  Well actually that’s not totally true, I did when I was in 3rd grade and I wrote things only a 3rd grader could come up with (rolls eyes).  Needless to say in high school I found it and promptly destroyed it so I would not have to revisit those embarrassing moments ever again!  Ahhhh youth.  I hope that this blog will not go the way of the 3rd grade journal but be a beacon of inspiration!  J  

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  1. I'm so excited you're doing this and am really looking forward to seeing what comes of it.... plus you know, gratuitous shots of my nieces and the soon to be garden. Woo!