Ironically I seem to be having a hard time with the writing portion of this blog, which is funny since this is only my 3rd post! HA. Turns out that I might be posting photos more than anything. Yesterday I was a little down so I went to meet a dear friend for coffee.  It meant so much to me just to spend an hour or two with her. She is someone that exudes creative energy, you can tell just by walking around her house.  It is so inspiring! She is also modest and would argue this point with me….but I beg to differ.  I was trying not to take photos of everything; lots of rich vibrant colors with a classic style and lots of art everywhere.  Man, it makes our new house seem so sterile and boring!  It’s in work in progress right?! So here are just two of snaps from the day. Anyway it’s wonderful to have friends that inspire you!  Thanks friend. :-)


  1. Pssst... it's your fifth post. Trouble with counting too? MORE COFFEE FOR YOU! xoxo

    I can't believe how big S's little girl is already - holy cow!

  2. someday you will keep a blog for real. <3 U!