Ironically I seem to be having a hard time with the writing portion of this blog, which is funny since this is only my 3rd post! HA. Turns out that I might be posting photos more than anything. Yesterday I was a little down so I went to meet a dear friend for coffee.  It meant so much to me just to spend an hour or two with her. She is someone that exudes creative energy, you can tell just by walking around her house.  It is so inspiring! She is also modest and would argue this point with me….but I beg to differ.  I was trying not to take photos of everything; lots of rich vibrant colors with a classic style and lots of art everywhere.  Man, it makes our new house seem so sterile and boring!  It’s in work in progress right?! So here are just two of snaps from the day. Anyway it’s wonderful to have friends that inspire you!  Thanks friend. :-)


Pauls Studio

Since this blog is about inspiration I can not fail to mention my husband.  The photo speaks for itself. 

So, I’m not feeling very bloggy this morning…more groggy than bloggy.  I know this because I realized half way through my shower that I washed my hair with body wash.  But I do say that my hair seems extra moisturized this morning.  That works for me. Anyway I am excited to say that Pauls show is coming home from the Museum this week.  His paintings are like old friends.  We have been looking at them and talking about them for years, so it will be nice to see them arrive.  My bare walls are begging for a point of interest.  


Lunch Today

It was as yummy as it was beautiful.

The why in the "why oh why"

Ok, so I woke up this morning and jumped out of bed anxious to see if anybody had left me a comment on the blog.  Amazing how technology works because there it was, a comment left by my sister….of course!  She is my blog guru.
As I was sipping my coffee I was laughing to myself because I feel so silly for doing this!  I’m not one to sit and talk about myself and really it just feels kind of weird.  But after about half a cup of joe I kind of realized that the blog is a perfect way to store some creative energy.  Lots of times I get that creative kick and it just fizzles because I have nowhere to direct it.  Well not anymore!  So this little blog is just about the things that inspire me I guess. Whether it is my family, my faith, the garden, great shots or just something random I found and want to share. I can go and revisit it anytime.  Kind of like a pool of inspiration. 
I’ve not been one to keep a journal.  Well actually that’s not totally true, I did when I was in 3rd grade and I wrote things only a 3rd grader could come up with (rolls eyes).  Needless to say in high school I found it and promptly destroyed it so I would not have to revisit those embarrassing moments ever again!  Ahhhh youth.  I hope that this blog will not go the way of the 3rd grade journal but be a beacon of inspiration!  J